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Extra $15 for Gel Polish

Classic manicure $20

Renew your hands with this traditional manicure, that includes:

Deluxe manicure $27

Relax with the moisturizing treatment to leave you feeling pampered:

Escape manicure $35

Escape to luxury with our indulgent Escape Manicure:

Nails Enchancement

Name Full-set Refill
Full Set Regular $40+ $35+
Full Set Gel $55+ $45+
Color powder $45+ $40+
Ombre $55+ $50+
Pink & white $55+ $50+
Dipping powder $45+ (add $5 for extension)

Additional services

Service Price
Regular polish change $12
Gel polish change $25 (add $5 for taking off)
Nail repair $5+
French $5
Buff shine $5
Paraffin wax $7
Design $10+
Acrylic toenail $5
Take off with services $5
Take off without services $15
Cuticle trim $6

Extra $5 will be added on for special shapes, for example: coffin, almond, stiletto, etc.

Extra $5 or more for certain length.


 Extra $20 for Gel Polish

Express Escape $30

Short on time or just need a quick refresh? Speed through this pedicure that come with:

Enchanted signature $38

Designed to moisturize, revitalize and naturally hydrate the skin, this pedicure includes:

Tropical escape $48

Escape to a tranquil paradise with this relaxing pedicure that includes:

Royal escape $68

Pamper your feet with our most luxurious treatment to unwind and restore inner peace and tranquility! You get to select one of our superior sugar scrub scents: tropical, honey, pearl, jasmine. The treatment includes:

Waxing services

Service Price
Eyebrows $12
Lips $8
Chin $7
Combo lip/chin/eyebrows $25
Face wax $40+
Underarms $20+
Half arm $26+
Full arm $37+
Half leg $37+
Full leg $57+

Kids’ menu

(for children under 10 years)

Service Price
Manicure $17
Pedicure $25
Kids combo $35 (includes 2 design)
Polish change on hands $7
Polish change on toes $8

Complimentary drink
(2 glasses per customer)

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